Ethereal Celtic Folk Music from Wales

Let Your Soul Breathe Again

From The Magical Welsh Valleys...

“A superb mixture of the traditional and contemporary, her harp-playing perfectly matching a gorgeous voice.”

Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales

Bethan Nia is bringing her own Welsh twist to the world of Celtic Music. Hailing from Pontypridd, Bethan makes music that feels eclectic, yet direct and personal - echoing the seminal works of artists Loreena McKennitt, Moya Brennan, Enya and Kate Bush.

She is a winner of the coveted Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections.

With her harp and ethereal vocals, Bethan creates lush, dynamic melodies with crisp production aesthetics. Combining earthy Welsh folk songs with ornate pop arrangements, she creates a particularly unique sound. She is about to release her debut bilingual album Ffiniau (Borders).


"An astral flight on a musical breeze to far off places and times.

It relaxes me to the point of being at one with our

beautiful earth, past and present."


(Patrick Jackson)


"Love the sound of her ethereal voice.

Listening to her brings a peaceful

feeling over me during this time."


(Dawna Robertson)


"Beautiful music. All from the heart.

Very spiritually moving."


(James Whitaker)

"Her music is very enchanting, and her spirit

has apprehended my heart and soul. She sweeps

me away to a place that resonates with me strongly."


(Alan Dunn)

"Spirit touching music. Awesome voice!"


(Brian Johnson)

"Bethan’s music is beyond beautiful, it touches the soul

and speaks directly to it! …her playing

helped me feel better about my difficult health challenges."


(Sandra Valani)

"Her music will carry you away yet hold you at bay,

while the vocals come in with a unique sound

of spiralling emotions, beauty and pure love…

a special magical dream."

(Ronald Mellor)

"She takes us back to the spirit of a world we long to remember…

music that reminds us that there is a permanence to our spirit."


(Douglas P. Hurt)

"Glad I found this…music from Wales."


(Karen Lynne Zimmer)



(Michael Eavis)

"Such beautiful music and a wonderful atmospheric voice."


(Vivien Watson)

"Beautiful voice and lovely music.

Bethan is a joy to listen to."

(Hazel J Różańska)


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